2-3 May 2017, Oslo Norway
flatMap(Oslo) a functional programming conference with focus on Scala and the Java Virtual Machine
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Scala.js - an introduction

Workshop abstract

Scala.js is a safer way to build robust web applications. We have a good programming language, a stable environment and a fantastic selection of cross-compiled libraries.

After this workshop you will be ready to continue coding with Scala.js by yourself.

We will start out by exploring a template sbt project so you can get a feel for how the build pipeline works. Participants will then get some intuition about what Scala.js can do and cannot do.

Finally, we will see how we share source code between client and server, and how we can get awesome type-safe Ajax calls (courtesy of autowire) with automatic Json codec derivation (with uPickle)

Knowledge of Scala is recommended. Frontend experience is beneficial but not at all necessary.

💥 Important! 💥 Are you going to attend the workshop? Be sure to follow instructions in the TLDR of the README at https://github.com/oyvindberg/scalajs-workshop

Øyvind Raddum Berg

Øyvind Raddum Berg


Øyvind is a consultant and developer from Oslo, working for Arktekk.

Stein Kåre Skytteren

Stein Kåre Skytteren


Stein Kåre is a consultant and developer from Oslo, working for Arktekk.