2-3 May 2017, Oslo Norway
flatMap(Oslo) a functional programming conference with focus on Scala and the Java Virtual Machine
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The State Of Elm In 2017: Tales From Production

Presentation abstract

Elm is a ML-style functional language that compiles to JavaScript. Its purpose is to provide a delightful development experience, increasing productivity, improving maintainability and creating fewer bugs.

Elm has been around for some time, attracting attention and generating conference talks, but is it really ready for production? Does anyone actually use it for their mission-critical, user-facing apps? If so, what's their stories?

In this talk you'll learn what Elm is and see how you build apps with it. Furthermore, you'll hear about advantages and disadvantages experienced from adopting Elm on real world projects. Lastly, you'll get an overview on who's using Elm in the Norwegian IT market today.

The talk should be relevant for anyone eager to see FP become mainstream in frontend development, regardless of previous Elm experience.

Erik Wendel

Erik Wendel


Developer, JavaScript and frontend guy with 5 years experience from building large-scale web applications for desktop and mobile in large organizations.

Most recently employed as a frontend architect orchestrating React and Redux in a business with over a hundred developers, optimizing user experience and development speed through building a shared component library.

Currently discovering the joy of functional programming through using Elm at work. Hosting the new Oslo Elm Meetup group.